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A raíz de considerarse hoy el día mundial de la paz por Naciones Unidas, el polo Femenino ha decidido plantear una linda forma de resaltarlo. «Polo 4 peace». Cuatro equipos de los mas destacados de Argentina entre los que se encuentra la promotora de la idea – San Diego Polo Club- y coincidiendo en el inicio de la primavera de aquella latitud, encontraron una buena causa para institucionalizar este evento en el futuro.  Clubes de Pakistan, Inglaterra, Argentina y Alemania han confirmado la realización del «Polo 4 peace» en el día de hoy. Enhorabuena.

Hasta la próxima – López Conde & Asociados-

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  1. Lopez Conde y Associados,

    Thank you for adding a grain of salt towards Peace and for promoting polo. Congratulations. I want to inform you and your readers that CNN International TV covered the Polo 4 Peace story where among other countries Iraq Polo Team played in Berlin. They were hosted by Berlinger Polo Club and Polo Partners.

    Here is an article published along with 10 photos at the following link:


    We followed the peace-sport organization’s mission of actively raising the consciousness of Peace Day through international sports.

    Over 20 countries participated in this our first year of Polo 4 Peace. From Pakistan’s history of 2,500 years of «pulu» which started as a war game and where they now played polo 4 Peace.

    . Malaysia’s celebration at the Royal Selangor Polo Club, in, Kuala Lumpur. was by having a buka puasa after polo. In Cairo they practiced during the week getting ready to play Polo 4 Peace .

    The Detroit Polo Club draped a white blanket over the horse’s back as a symbol of peace. and asked the players, fans and guests for a full minute of silence in respect of peace.

    In Kenya 4 teams battled on the polo field for two days until one was victorios in winning the bronze trophy casted in the image of the Polo 4 Peace signl, The winners will defend their title or pass it on to next year champions.

    In California at the San Diego Polo Club’, twin professional Argentine polo players hung peace signs on their helmets and horses while playing fantastic polo wearing these peace symbols the announcer explained the day’s significance.

    Here in Argentina we played FEM Polo 4 Peace at San Diego Polo Club in Pilar. Four teams comprised of the best and most charismatic Argentine women polo players held a full blown tournament. The winning team was iguanaPolo and Mumy Bellande was voted MVP.

    The most wonderfull idea was when the Berlinger Polo Club in Berlin ,Germany invited and hosted Iraq’s Army Polo players,to friendly chukkas and a week in Berlin. ending on September 21st. Success for Polo 4 Peace’s first year efforts were maximized.
    The beneficiary of the event disabled US solders and Iraqi civilians.

    Recently in the United States, soldiers recovering from arm and leg amputations have participated in equine therapy on horses from the Caisson Platoon in Ft. Myer, Virginia, provided through the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association’s «Horses for Heroes» program. This form of therapy has proven to greatly speed up the recovery of balance, muscle tone and patient confidence. (See for more information)

    Officials in the new Iraqi government want to learn more about equine therapy and equine assisted activities with the objective of training Iraqis in these skills so that the thousands of Iraqi military and civilian amputees can also benefit from these therapies. A delegation of six equestrian experts from Iraq led by Brigadier General Abdulsalam Adnan Alobedy will visit Berlin for one week to start learning the equine therapy as well as visit other institutions of interest such as to the headquarters of Otto Bock, a manufacturer of high-tech artificial limbs, to discuss how the equine therapy can be aided by the newest technological developments in «intelligent» prostheses

    This is now a global annual event for the world’s wonderful polo community ,just like Peace Day is September 21st every year for the next 2,500 . Everyone is welcome to join the movement next year.



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